Jennifer’s motto is “Do what you say you’re going to do, by the time you say you’re going to do it.” And if you cannot for any reason, then follow-up. As she practices what she preaches, she is detail-oriented and responsible, and is known for her dependability, her persistence and her organizational abilities.

She loves taking a large, complex problem and breaking it down into its component parts. Then she pokes the components until they curl up in a little ball and cry “uncle!”

From a small Southeastern Wisconsin town, Jennifer is a lifetime, die-hard fan of the Green Bay Packers. She even has an entire room in her house devoted to nothing but the Packers – including being painted green and gold and full of Packers’ memorabilia and pictures. She is a Navy wife – that’s how she ended up in Washington – but she’d like to move home at some point. She misses the Midwest.

Incredibly disciplined, Jennifer works out in a fitness “boot camp” three times a week, and goes backpacking “in the boonies” for fun. She has earned both a Group Benefits Associate (GBA) and a Registered Health Underwriter (RHU) designation.