A big believer in the Golden Rule, Jillian tries to put herself in her clients’ shoes when responding to a request or providing information. She is able to “think outside of the box” and provides information in new and creative ways – sometimes creating an “aha!” moment for her clients.

She believes in building relationships that last, and her clients appreciate her organization, promptness and thoroughness. Her focus on wellness is shared with clients, and she is a proponent of corporate wellness programs.

Personally, she is also focused on well-being and fitness; and she puts her money where her mouth is on the subject, participating in sprint distance triathlons and half-marathons. She is a source of encouragement and an all-around role-model to her co-workers with their health.

Free time – if she’s not running, walking, or biking somewhere alone – she is running, walking, or biking somewhere with her family and friends. Not surprisingly, her hobbies include hiking, snowshoeing, biking and swimming.