Aaron Millman, Client Relationship Manager, has worked in account management of large employer groups for the past ten years. His passion is in employee education and engagement through creative employee communications. He strives to help employers provide high-quality benefits programs for their employees with effective and innovative plan designs that match their needs. Aaron joined the TRUE team in early 2018. He has a BA from the University of Washington, and he volunteers with the American Red Cross and Food Lifeline. When not working or working out, Aaron is renovating his mid-century modern home, traveling, or playing with his adorable (but grumpy) cocker spaniel.

TRUE Facts

  • Favorite thing about TRUEbenefits: After 10+ years in the industry, the boutique approach to client management with a focus on putting our clients and their employee’s needs first really sets TRUE apart in the market, AND our team is just awesome!
  • Nickname: A-A ron
  • Superpower: My hot glue gun skills are on par with Martha Stewart.
  • I am a (not so secret) crafter with an Etsy shop that features custom holiday ornament wreaths.
  • Lived in Paris during college but didn’t learn to speak French.
  • Met quite a few celebrities while working as a watch specialist: Goldie Hawn was so nice; Michael Kors said I was very handsome; and Ryan Seacrest has his own line of T-shirts!