Amber Oldham-Manil, CSC Team Supervisor, has almost fifteen years of experience with employee benefits, working with groups from small to large. She loves crafting communication pieces that clients can feel proud to give to their employees. Amber brings integrity to every task, and she’s dedicated to sharing her knowledge with her CSC teammates to help them develop their service skills. Amber has been with TRUEbenefits since 2012. She’s a dog foster parent and volunteers with a local dog rescue and her church.

TRUE Facts

  • Favorite thing about TRUEbenefits: Great teammates and continual growth/development
  • Nickname: Ambergram
  • Superpower: My teammates might say it’s the ability to remain calm under pressure, but my family may not say the same… Let’s go with my “optimistic mindset.”
  • I’ve become a crazy dog mom, and I affectionately call my husband “The Dogfather”.
  • We didn’t have a television in the house when I was growing up. I developed a great love for books along with the odd habit of reading the last chapter first to see if I would like the ending.
  • I did a mean impression of Julia Childs once and have never been able to repeat it.