Charles Dawson, Employee Advocate, has worked in the health insurance industry since 2001 and has a strong background in disability and leave management. Having worked for a major carrier, he knows the ins and outs that help benefits “make sense” to the rest of us. Charles is passionate about customer service, and he believes that integrity, compassion, and persistence pay off. Charles has been with TRUEbenefits since 2017, and he is on the board of Cascade Community Theatre.

TRUE Facts

  • Favorite thing about TRUEbenefits: the supportive team!
  • Nickname: Advocate Guy
  • Superpower: Super punny “dad” jokes…
  • I worked 4 years at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival
  • Played Henry Potter in It’s A Wonderful Life and Ali Hakim in Oklahoma!
  • Although I drive a 2007 Miata, I am not having a mid-life crisis!