Grant McDonald, Principal and Consultant, has been a leader in the Pacific Northwest for over thirty years. His experience covers underwriting, account management, sales, and his favorite, strategic benefits planning. Grant prides himself on being responsive to his clients and providing technically sound consulting advice through recommending innovative and client-appropriate solutions. He strives to understand each client’s business and become an integral part of their team. Grant began his own benefit consulting firm, MacroBenefits, in 1998, which evolved into TRUEbenefits. He studies viticulture on the side through Washington State University’s Extension Program and has a small grape vineyard in Manson, WA where he can do what he loves: garden, drink wine, and spend time outside with his dogs.

TRUE Facts

  • Favorite thing about TRUEbenefits: our client-focused culture of doing what’s right
  • Superpower: Eating pizza (don’t believe what Jen says!)
  • My departed dog, Bear, escaped as a puppy and lived with Bob Weir, the rhythm guitarist for the Grateful Dead, for 3 weeks. Bob brought him back personally to the house.
  • Love my current dogs – Rodeo and Spur – more than anything, other than my wife and son.
  • I love traveling to different U.S. and global wine regions. The climate needed to grow premium wine grapes is always so beautiful.
  • I used to hike regularly with my dogs in the trails outside of North Bend. It’s an incredibly relaxing way to get exercise, and I’m looking forward to starting again soon.