Benefit Plan Marketing

Comparing deductibles, copayments and coinsurance from one carrier to another is easy. Selecting the right carrier or administrative partner, however, takes ingenuity, tenacity and the ability to merge an underwriter’s desire with an organization’s budgetary constraints.

TRUEbenefits understands there’s more to benefit plan marketing than meets the eye. We know the right questions to ask because we have listened—to the clients we serve and the marketplace we respect. Our approach ensures that appropriate funding mechanisms are discussed, your service levels meet your expectations, and costs are competitive. Your benefit plan marketing will be coordinated by the same service team you chose when you first joined us—and led by one of our principals, who serves as an active advisor for your firm. We can:

• Periodically market each benefit plan to ensure that service levels meet your expectations and that costs are competitive.

• Determine appropriate funding mechanisms congruent with budgetary constraints.

• Analyze proposals, make recommendations and assist in implementation.