Employee Communications

Employee benefit plan costs are a top budget expense, yet employees don’t always experience the value accordingly. Poor communication is often the problem.

TRUEbenefits takes a distinctly different approach to employee communications. We know that an average benefit program, when communicated well, is more valued by employees than a rich benefit program that has been communicated poorly. With an in-house Communications team, we create materials using a variety of media and best practices to connect with your employees and ensure that an accurate, consistent message is clearly delivered across your organization.

TRUEbenefits will give your employees a better understanding of their programs and a better appreciation of your investment. We can:

• Prepare announcement letters and memos, benefit summaries and employee booklets.

• Develop enrollment materials, including customized enrollment forms and identification cards.

• Conduct open enrollment and educational meetings.

• Prepare, tally and analyze employee surveys to gauge perceptions, enrollment behavior and plan selection motivators.

• Develop customized Employee Benefit Statements.

• As needed, obtain foreign language translations of plan materials.