Alera ConnectHR

Our HR Services division, Alera ConnectHR, provides comprehensive HR services to local employers. We have three engagement options:

  Retained HR HR On-Demand HR Projects
We are your HR. An open channel to HR expertise when you need it. We will complete that HR project for you.
Who It’s
Small to mid-sized companies who want the benefits of a great HR department, scaled to what they need. Any company wanting to supplement their internal HR function with additional expertise, bandwidth, and resources. Any company looking for HR experts to complete an important HR project on budget, on time, and with the desired outcomes.
How It
We take proactive ownership for all or part of your HR function, similarly to an internal HR department. You will have an HR Manager accountable for your HR function who reports directly to your designated POC. Your HR Manager will have a team of experts reporting to her, each with specific responsibilities and expertise. Call us when you need us. Common activities include compliance guidance, policy application, employee relations issues, small HR projects, and helping with larger projects. Give us your requirements and desired outcomes, and we’ll take it from there. Common projects include recruitments, compensation studies, bonus/incentive design, training, systems selection and implementations, employee handbooks, and investigations.
Value Unlike an internal HR department: We scale to just what you need. No benefits, tax, premium, or other employment expenses and risks. We bring our own equipment, leading edge HR tools, and effective practices. No ongoing costs or obligation. Pay for what you need, and no more. Knock out important HR projects you do not have the bandwidth or expertise to handle internally. We have certified project managers and project management tools, as well as the expertise and proficiency that comes with experience.
Cost Simple and predictable: a flat monthly retainer based on the anticipated average time it will take to manage your HR. Scope of HR functions, workforce size, and complexity are the primary factors. Hourly rate billed in 15-minute increments. Hourly rate, billed in 15-minute increments, and managed to cost estimates and project inception.
How to
Contact us directly or through TRUE. We will listen to your business needs and deliver a proposal that lays our service scope and costs.
However you engage us, you will work with experienced, certified HR professionals who will understand and care about your business, your mission, and your employees. We have the client focus, expertise, tools, and passion to help you shape and execute effective strategies for hiring, engaging, supporting, and managing an exceptional workforce.

For more information about Alera ConnectHR, our services, and our team, visit our website: