Beyond Benefits as Usual®

Healthcare reform, rising costs, growing scrutiny, emerging technology—the pressures on employee benefit plans are changing faster than ever. Meanwhile, most employee benefit consulting firms are still doing things pretty much the same way they did 20 years ago.

It’s time for a better way.

By structuring our firm to align our interests with those of our clients, TRUEbenefits has delivered independent thinking, custom solutions and total transparency through superior service to leading employers across the Northwest since 2005.

New questions; new answers. We’ll ask questions you haven’t heard before. Digging deeper gives us the understanding to customize cost-effective solutions that advance our clients’ business goals, see them through times of rapid change, and help recruit and retain the best people in their industries.

Fresh thinking; full transparency. We’re structured differently, and so we think differently—taking a consultative approach that’s driven by client need, not by sales volume or transactions. Our clients know they can count on us for total transparency and independent point of view.

Top-caliber professionals; bottom-line results Our firm attracts experienced senior-level people who value the time we give them to go above and beyond for our clients. It’s not enough to be reactive around renewal time. Together with the active involvement of our principals on every account, we bring the strategic thinking, attention to detail and proactive perspective that employee benefits need all year round.

Highly rated; highly valued. By delivering measurable results and client satisfaction, TRUEbenefits has earned a client retention rate of 98 percent—one the highest in the nation. Most important, it earns our clients’ confidence that they’re getting higher value from every benefit dollar.


Smart Partners®

TRUEbenefits is the only Washington state representative of the nation’s premier independent employee benefit broker consortiums: Benefit Advisors Network (BAN).

As one of BAN’s Smart Partners®, we access the collective knowledge and resources of other leading benefit consulting firms across the U.S.—including best practices, industry trends, research data, regulatory guidance, customized technology and best-in-class products designed to support the clients they serve.

BAN’s independence, on both the corporate and member levels, sets it apart from publicly traded national competitors. Like our firm, all members are structured to put their clients’ interests first, with none of the inherent concessions from the demands of Wall Street.